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Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

Full payment is due at the commencement of the hire period.

Telephone bookings can only be held for a maximum of 7 days. This agreement must be returned signed within 7 days in order to confirm the booking.

The equipment must be returned in similar condition to that received. Any damage to equipment caused by misuse or neglect, or loss due to removal by non-authorised persons, shall deem the hirer/operator liable for full repair or replacement cost and loss of business. A cleaning charge may be levied if the equipment is excessively soiled.

The equipment must be returned or made available for collection at the time and date agreed, failure to do so will result in additional charges being levied for each extra hire period. Extra hire after midnight will incur an additional hourly rate.

No shoes, jewellry, spectacles, sharp objects or anything else which could injure others or damage the unit to be worn on inflatables. No food or drink to be taken onto or near the equipment.

Ensure that the equipment is supervised at all times and any boisterous behaviour is stopped. Do not allow anyone to sit on the sides, climb, swing or hang from the walls and beams of the inflatables. It is recommended that the equipment be under adult supervision whilst in use and that the equipment only be used for the purpose intended.

Do not exceed manufacturers recommended maximum age of person to use the equipment and never exceed the maximum number recommended by the manufacturers. No adults should use the inflatables at all, except when agreed with 'Castles In The Air' where a further disclaimer will be required. All persons using the equipment do so at their own risk.

Castles In The Air (or its agents) cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury to any person or property arising from the use of the equipment. It is the hirer's responsibility to arrange for adequate insurance where appropriate.

The equipment is to be erected and anchored in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and should not be used in high winds or extremely wet conditions. The site should be clear of any hazards, e.g, glass and stones etc, and open sides of the inflatable should be well cushioned, if there is no provision for this in the design of the inflatable.
'Castles In The Air' will endeavour to provide inflatables in a dry condition however on occasion this may not be possible, e.g, due to bad weather the day before.

When using Electric Fans
A residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCD) must be used when units are used outdoors.
All electrical equipment is P.A.T tested within the HSE guidelines, and all equipment be fitted with BS approval plugs and sockets. No person shall interfere with the electrical equipment other than the hirer/operator. The fan should never be turned off when there are persons using or standing close to the inflatable.


Castles In The Air Is A Member of BIHA British Inflatable Hirers Association



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